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November 8, 2014
At last, you can now watch your purchased KC OnDemand programs
instantly on ROKU! Our shoots are running on the
World Wrestling
Network Channel
on your ROKU. We've put together a handy FAQ so you
can have all your questions answered and start watching!

Check it out!
December 14, 2014
KC in 2015
There are so many irons in the fire we don't know where to begin! We are
kicking the year off with RVD's
Timeline: The History of ECW - 1999. Get ready
to add this one to your
Timeline ECW collection as it is an amazing edition.
RVD is forthright and intelligent and he will take you way inside the belly of the
ECW beast.

Back to the Territories will return in February as host Jim Cornette and guest JJ
Dillon give you the definitive chronicle of the Crockett's Mid Atlantic territory. If
you haven't checked out the series premiere of this show focusing on Watts'
Mid South you're missing out!
Check it out here!

We have some new YouShoots releasing in the first quarter, as well as some
cool online exclusive editions of
YouShoot. We are in talks with some first
timers to KC and as always, we're looking to maximize your viewing experience.

To be sure, 2014 will be very hard for us to top. In the last year we brought our
programing to Roku for you all, allowed you to time-travel with Roddy Piper and
Bret Hart, made closet Juggalos out of the most die-hard wrestling fan, and
became the home for the future endeavored. We are hard at work making sure
we continue to make you happy!