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May 10, 2016
What's In Production......
We figured we can finally use this space for something cool.  Our
updates have been ... um .... lackluster to say the least. So now we
will use this update space to tell you what we are shooting, writing,
and what's been greenlit for production.

Kindly understand that everything that's greenlight doesn't always
make it to camera. And the things that are shot are sometimes
delayed. Okay with that understanding...let's see what's cooking!
New stuff...

We just locked in
Swoggle for what should be a hilarious YouShoot! The submission period is now open and you can
expect the release to come your way in August.

Vince Russo and KC have agreed to further pursue talks of a long-term project. Sean and Vince first started kicking
around ideas a couple of years ago and it finally seems an idea is ready to go into development, full force. You know
you can trust us to always put forth well-defined concepts, and we will never move toward production with a concept
that is half baked or fuzzy. More to come on this one soon!

Sean will be meeting with another star of KC titles past about a possible new series for 2018. We are very committed
to moving our celebrity-hosted programming forward and breaking new shows in this genre.

Older buzz...

And speaking of our celebrity hosted series, we have two new series set to premiere in the summer. Newest KC host
Leva Bates is ready to show you the ladies can shoot too when Kayfabe Commentaries' Bombshells  premieres on
May 31st! Episode 1 features
Mia Yim, that's Jade from TNA TV, and Kennadi Brink.   Also in the can are Santana
and Kimber Lee, and this summer Leva will sit down with Veda Scott and Solo Darling.

We've hired another wrestling celebrity host as well for the brand new series Gabe Sapolsky's Next Evolution. Join
Gabe and some of the brightest stars of the indy scene as we go through landmark matches with them, complete with
all match footage through an exclusive licensing agreement with
Dragon Gate and Evolve. These are guys who just
might be ready to evolve into the NEXT phase of their careers, so check em out and say you knew them when! Episode
one debuts on July 19th and features
Johnny Gargano!

Back to the Territories with Jim Cornette
Season 3 is locked down and slated to go before the cameras in June. The
new slate of shows will premiere in October and the line up we have signed is currently Amarillo starring
Terry Funk,
All Japan starring
Stan Hansen, and Georgia starring The Masked Superstar, Bill Eadie. Don't forget we still have one
more edition left from this season so pack your bags and head up to Indianapolis with
Baron Von Raschke and Corny!

We recently released
Timeline: The History of WCW - 1997 - told by Kevin Nash, and Kevin has just signed on to do
yet another KC production. Kevin will shoot a
Guest Booker this summer, for a 2017 release. Kev and KC are a magic
team. See, we listen you guys sometimes!

Well that's what's going on right now. Check you next time and stay tuned!!!!