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March 17, 2015
More History Coming
This summer KC will be bringing you two of the hottest releases in the growing Timeline franchise.  Both editions
are under the
History of WCW umbrella and one is more exciting than the other.

Firstly, Jim Cornette will take you back to the year 1989 and just as he did in his
History of WWE  edition of Timeline,
Corny brings the books, ledgers, papers, and memos to aid in the telling of this year that saw Jim Herd ascend to
power. Cornette may have needed the bottle of Tums just discussing 1989!  This massive double disc is coming

Then in August it's Eric Bischoff's turn as he takes us inside the daily machinations of running the WCW
programming empire for Ted Turner in 1994.  You will get incredibly in-depth access to the negotiations with Hulk
Hogan's jump, as well as the problems with Flair, the booking committee, Dusty, and so much more!

No other historical retelling comes close to the research and detail that any of the
Timeline programs provide the
die-hard wrestling fan. Anything out of Connecticut has to be scrubbed and sanitized for shareholders, those who
are their real #1 focus. Historical books are written by historians, but our vision for any of the 3
Timeline series was
that the stars would tell their firsthand accounts. And that's what we deliver...wrestling history
as told by the ones that
were there. With Sean asking the probing questions to squeeze as much detail as possible from each
guest you get a series unlike anything ever produced.