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December 5, 2016
What's In Production......
We figured we can finally use this space for something cool.  Our
updates have been ... um .... lackluster to say the least. So now we
will use this update space to tell you what we are shooting, writing,
and what's been greenlit for production.

Kindly understand that everything that's greenlight doesn't always
make it to camera. And the things that are shot are sometimes
delayed. Okay with that understanding...let's see what's cooking!
New stuff...

Tod Gordon's edition of YouShoot is in the can and scheduled for release in March. Sean and Tod have also been
cooking up another show that will hopefully move closer to production in the months to come.

And speaking of the show on which only the bravest in the business will appear,
Mr. Ken Anderson will sit down in
front of the
YouShoot cameras this week! We will Tweet from the set as always.

Well it's about that time...
Jim Cornette and Sean have begun discussing more Back to the Territories guests and
Jim's next appearance on a series other than BTT. Which is it?
Supercard? Another Timeline or Guest Booker? We
will let you know when we do!

Older buzz...
We are thrilled to announce a new series which we have greenlit, and will head into production this fall. The show is
SUPERCARD, and each edition will focus on one wrestling pay-per-view from the past. We will explore all
of the supershow with the guest at hand. You fans of Timeline will love this one!!! Offers are on the table for our
first couple of guests. Look for the series premiere in November!

Back to the Territories with Jim Cornette Season 3 is now in the can and will be premiering in October beginning
with Amarillo starring
Terry Funk. Other shows on the 2016-17 slate are All Japan starring Stan Hansen, and Georgia
The Masked Superstar, Bill Eadie. Don't forget we still have one more edition left from this season so pack
your bags and head up to Indianapolis with
Baron Von Raschke and Corny! But here are some pix from the shoots...

Well that's what's going on right now. Check you next time and stay tuned!!!!
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